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EVIL RISES  (prequel)

In this novella, rogue monk CHIN arises to redefine Shaolin Kung Fu as a battle plan for his lust for criminal power. Yet in of the darkness glows a glimmer of light…  a little boy who might be a savior. Get for FREE by Subscribing.

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New attorney Noah Reid is catapulted into a brutal Shaolin underworld when his boss, senior partner at a prestigious Hong Kong firm, is discovered to have bilked billions the firm’s biggest client, a psychopathic Kung Fu Master.

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When Noah accompanies his mentor, Master Wu on a journey of death, reconciliation and adventure back to China, Chin’s son King, master of all things connected to snakes, leads a savage charge to recover the family’s illicit fortune with clandestine military precision.

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Under pressure from New York’s Russian mob to repay a loan, Queenie, Chin’s beguiling daughter, brings her arsenal of winged destruction to pressure Noah to return her family’s fortune, using a group of school kids as leverage.

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Prince, Chin’s steroid-fueled son, shares a depravity with a Russian mob partner: a lust for children. Noah has taken “their girls” and they want them back. Can Noah shut down this unholy alliance before they drown the Big Apple in depravity?

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Prez, Chin’s eldest daughter, is a cult leader with a purpose. With cash and influence from her followers, crooked politicians and her father, Prez can build a casino empire on the backs of an unsuspecting Native American Tribe. That is unless family nemesis – Noah Reid stops her first.

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(Books 1-3 &

Bonus Novella)

Nearly a thousand pages of electric action and thrills. Save more than 50% off the list price of buying the books individually and buckle down for electric action thrills!

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At the funeral of a NAVY SEAL who saved her life in a mission in Iraq, Rayna Tan, a Canadian Special Forces commando, is recruited by the SEAL’s father to take his son’s place as the newest member in a shadowy, vigilante organization.


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A video of desecration and beheading in a small Syrian village appears briefly on the deep web.
The sword-wielding executioner proclaims Jihad on America. Rayna heads the mission to disarm the potential attack and discovers that there are terrorists not only with the new refugees – but they’ve been with us for decades.
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When Rayna & Fidelitas goes to China to administer justice on those who caused the deaths hundreds of schoolchildren, a heinous plot is discovered – one of the perpetrators plans to kill a million Americans with a deadly new drug for revenge for his son’s overdose. With the clock ticking, she must identify the location of the manufacturer and destroy the toxin.

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I’m Jasmine, an actress from Beijing. Five years ago, I was murdered while rehearsing for an audition. Everyone thinks it was my ex who killed me, but I’m not positive it was Chris… or maybe I just don’t want to accept it. But I just have to know the truth… even if it kills me again.

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Set in Vancouver’s mysterious Chinatown, the Chinatown Haunting supernatural urban fantasy stories are where east and west, the natural and nether worlds, collude and collide. Sex, love, and violence are tightly woven into these books full of unexpected turns.
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rsz_img_7592Wesley Robert Lowe’s passion is to grab readers with stories that hang on deep into the night, long after they’ve turned the last page. Contemporary worlds infused with mysticism. Breathless, brain-twisting plots. High-stakes suspense that churns the psyche. Stories where disparate worlds clash, collude and collide. Thrillers that grip the soul. Lowe has played in a rhythm and blues band, composed scores for Sesame Street, produced an internationally recognized indie feature film, acclaimed documentaries, and headed a $5 million community fund. A lifelong learner, Wes has a Master’s of Music degree, Graduate Diplomas in Theology and Creative Writing. He enjoys traveling, meeting the locals and immersing himself in their cultures. When he’s not writing or traveling, Wes enjoys roasting his own coffee and playing his 1908 Steinway Grand Piano at his home in Vancouver, B.C.


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